With Many Thanks To Korean Veterans
You Are Not Forgotten

The War is Over for These Korean Captives of U.S. Marines
who have Planted their Flag Atop Wolmi Island, at Inchon
ARC Identifier 5891324

A Korean War era photograph of US Marine Corps (USMC) Major (MAJ) John F. Bolt,
assigned to the 1ST Marine Aircraft Wing, as he exits his USMC F-86"SABER"jet aircraft.
MAJ Bolt is the USMC first "Jet Ace"credited with 6 kills,
plus he shot down six Japanese planes during World War II (WWII).
His hometown is Sanford, Florida. (Exact date shot unknown): 01/01/1951
ARC Identifier 6608425

This U.S. Air Force B-26 light bomber of the 3rd Bomb Wing
has its 14 forward firing .50 caliber machine guns tested prior to a night mission
against enemy targets in North Korea.
Pilots of the 3rd Wing nightly patrol Communist supply routes leading to the front.
The B-26 night Intruders have been a major factor in the destruction
of more than 53,000 enemey vehicles knocked out by U.S. Air Force units
since the start of the Korean war.: ca. 11/27/1952
ARC Identifier 542253

Marines Chozen Frozen
(Thank You Vic)

Ignoring a Korean snow storm, two ground crew members of the 3rd Bomb Wing
work on an engine of a U.S. Air Force B-26 Night Intruder.
These light bombers, carrying out "Operation Strangle,"
hit Communist troop supply lines every night in all kinds of weather.
Armed with tons of bombs and ammunition, attacking visually or by radar,
the twin engined B-26s have taken a heavy toll of enemy rolling stock
since the 3rd Bomb Wing entered the war in June 1950.: ca. 01/1952
j ARC Identifier 542255

HDQ., 616th Air Base Wing, Japan--Lt. Col. Marle M. Jones, Riverside, Calif.,
new commanding officer of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
gets a final O.K. from the crew chief of his B-29 "Superfort" photo plane
before leaving on a mission into Communist Korea: ca. 09/1952
ARC Identifier 542355

Joseph Ambrose,
an 86-year-old World War I veteran, attends the dedication day parade
for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
He is holding the flag that covered the casket of his son,
who was killed in the Korean War: 11/13/1982
ARC Identifier 6375715

Bombs Away-Regardless of the type of enemy target lying in this
rugged, mountainous terrain of Korea,
very little will remain after the falling bombs have done their work.
This striking photograph of the lead bomber was made from a B-29 "Superfort"
of the Far East Air Forces 19th Bomber Group on the 150th combat mission
the 19th Bomber Group has flown since the start of the Korean war. ca. 02/1951
ARC Identifier 542221