Special Thanks to My Friend Eddie

And His Incredible Collection of Photos

Basic Training 1968.. Loved my M14.. Awesome weapon

Tim from Mass, Lance from Mich, and the new guy!

Long Hot Day on the Flight Line

Me and the Guys

Working on the "Little Bird" "Loach". OH6A .. loved this aircraft!

Time for an overhaul

Fixed Wing Beaver

Hot day around the hooch

Officer's pool at Cam Ranh Bay.. Shhh don't tell anyone!

Look what I found!

New helicopters ready for pickup

My bud Joe, awesome mechanic from California

I need rest after this one

Tuning up a Medevac

Some of our best buds right here!

I could carry this little engine in my arms..

8 Hole Outhouse

Bad Crash

Me and My Buddy Dan from Texas

Early Morning On Our Perimeter

Bell UH-1H lift off from the PSP (pierced steel planking)

Another Recovery

Me and My Buddy Gene, Horsing Around

Landing at Dong Ba Thin.. Highway 1 at far right

Tail boom from UH-1H Huey .. bullet holes and shrapnel

Another Long Day

Missing My Main Squeeze

Pulled This One Out Of The Ocean... Not Too Good

Hooch Maids

A Day At The Office

OH-6A "Loach" or "Little Bird." Awesome aircraft

Finally Resting

Time Out!

Moving around with my bud Myers

Tracking the main rotor blades on a UH-IH helicopter

Recovered Wreck

I'm Working On It!

Somebody help me!!

On guard duty, the morning of my 20th birthday 2/25/69

Me and bud Lloyd Ross (Van Nuys, Calf) in-country R&R Cam Ranh Bay

I drove a truck too! Deuce & 1/2

CH46 bringing in a downed bird

My buddy Drew giving our dog 'Crash' a bath.. She loved it!

Working on the "Little Bird" "Loach"


Beach at Vung Tau

Old French pill box


A little in-country R&R near Cam Ranh Bay

Flying up the coast from Dong Ba Thin to Nha Trang

Currency from the Republic of South Vietnam, 1969

Hooch Maids discussing coordinates

Traitor Jane pics below the clickable link.

Urinal Target

A little thank you to jane

NO forgiveness

NOT fond of jane

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