World War 2 Germany

Crossing Rhine, St. Goar
"I drew an assault boat to cross in--just my luck.
We all tried to crawl under each other
because the lead was flying around like hail."
Crossing the Rhine under enemy fire at St. Goar.
March 1945

Siegfried Line
"Then came the big day when we marched into Germany--
right through the Siegfried Line."

"Soldiers of the 55th Armored Infantry Battalion
and tank of the 22nd Tank Battalion ,
move through smoke filled street.
Wernberg, Germany." Pvt. Joseph Scrippens,
April 22, 1945

Stolen Art Treasures In Salt Mine
"General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander,
accompanied by Gen. Omar N. Bradley, and Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.,
inspects art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany."
Lt. Moore, April 12, 1945

Reichsbank wealth
"The 90th Division discovered this Reichsbank wealth, SS loot, and Berlin museum paintings
that were removed from Berlin to a salt mine in Merkers, Germany."
Cpl. Donald R. Ornitz,
April 15, 1945

"Two anti-tank Infantrymen of the 101st Infantry Regiment,
dash past a blazing German gasoline trailer in square of Kronach, Germany."
W. J. Rothenberger, April 14, 1945.