World War 2 Island Campaigns

"165th Infantry assault wave attacking Butaritari, Yellow Beach Two,
find it slow going in the coral bottom waters.
Jap machine gun fire from the right flank makes it more difficult for them."
Dargis, Makin Atoll, Gilbert Islands, November 20, 1943

Laudansky, Saipan
"Army reinforcements disembarking from LST's,
form a graceful curve as they proceed across coral reef toward the beach."
Laudansky, Saipan, ca. June/July 1944

Cape Gloucester, New Britain
Marines hit three feet of rough water
as they leave their LST to take the beach at Cape Gloucester, New Britain."
Sgt. Robert M. Howard, December 26, 1943

"Marines storm Tarawa. Gilbert Islands."
WO Obie Newcomb, Jr., November 1943

Kwajalein Island
"Men of the 7th Division using flame throwers to smoke out Japs from a block house on Kwajalein Island,
while others wait with rifles ready in case Japs come out."
Cordray, February 4, 1944.